What is the JavaScript DOM? (Document Object Model)

I can assure you that the JS DOM will no longer be a mystery after reading this…

What is the DOM?

DOM diagram


DOM Theory

  • When a user tries to access https://google.com.
  • The client tries to resolve the domain name to an IP address by doing a DNS query.
  • Once/If it gets a IP address, the client makes the request to the machine at the provided IP.
  • The server will then return a simple HTML document.
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<section class="top">
<h1>Hello world!</h1>
  • DOM tree starts from document node.
  • All HTML elements have their separate nodes known as element nodes.
  • Any text or tab character on a single line forms one text node. new line character is also a text node.
  • HTML attribute is also a node knows as attribute node.

Functionality provided by the DOM interface:

  • Ability to create, read, update or delete content from an HTML element.
  • Enables us to dynamically inject elements into our HTML (create HTML elements).
  • Delete HTML elements (or DOM nodes).
  • Change CSS style of an HTML elements or their content.
  • Respond to user interaction on HTML elements.


Documenting my software engineering journey

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Abdirahman Jama

Abdirahman Jama

Documenting my software engineering journey

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